Humiliation Phone Sex

Humiliation Phone Sex


Humiliation phone sex is a varied fetish and has many different facets. Many men enjoy humiliation and find it sexually stimulating. There is something highly erotic and humbling about humiliation. Humiliation phone sex can range from playful embarrassment to cruel humiliation. It is very important for you and your Humiliatrix to talk about your desires and limits in regards to humiliation. An experienced humiliation Mistress will take your fantasies and turn them into a delightful or excruciating experience.

Humiliation can range from verbal humiliation to humiliation assignments; These can even include public humiliation assignments! Femdom humiliation requires the submissive to do whatever it takes to amuse his Mistress. During erotic humiliation, the male will be forced or seduced into doing humiliation tasks. These humiliation tasks vary from forced cocksucking, feminization, to small penis humiliation. These are just a few types of humiliation.

Public humiliation is a common humiliation fetish. Many men have the desire to be humiliated in front of a group, often a group of hot women, but could never do this in real life. This is why humiliation phone sex is so perfect. You can play out your fantasies in real time without ruining your every day image.

This type of humiliation often includes CFNM, clothed female naked male fetish. The man has the desire to be totally exposed to the women who are fully dressed before him. This is a humbling and exciting experience for the man. It also makes the man feel much more submissive in this humiliation experience.

Another common form of humiliation is small penis humiliation. In all honesty many men have an average size cock, but have small penis issues and this leads them to have fantasies about SPH. SPH is a great way to relieve pent up tension that you have about your cock.

Men know that during SPH their Mistress will be blunt and honest about the size and usefulness of his dick. Small penis humiliation is the perfect way to make a negative feeling feel erotic and exciting. It also help to alleviate feelings of guilt about your penis. You are a little dick loser and it's never going to change. Your Mistress will help you embrace and love small penis humiliation.

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